To a woman who does not miss encounter with MoCadeau hair-make!

Spring is coming soon.

Everyone a new encounter season will come!

“I will be in spring soon, maybe I will change my hair style for a change?”

There are also many people who think so.

This time, I’ve been accompanied by Ai-chan Imechen, who is waiting for spring and is excited!

As I follow Ai-chan, I will push through the street of a young man, Tenpaku Street of Astronomical Museum!

It seemed to me that it was skipping as it was the admiration for spring.

“I thought that I am always fashionable here, I was worried!”

And, Ai-chan.

Love will skip the stairs one step skipping so that you can be guided by a stylish entrance.

MoCadeau hair-make

It is said to be read as Mokadou hair makeup.

“Mokadu” is French …

Mode (mode = fashion) × Cadeau (Kadu ~ = gift) meaning and the owner’s feeling was felt.

When I entered the store, I had expected from the entrance, but fashionable anyway!

In the beauty salon of the private salon, it will be healed in a calm and calm atmosphere ♪


<You can experience the 360 ​​degree image in the store from here> 

“Hairstyle is the best fashion after all, is not it?”

please look! This smile!

Ai-chan’s excitement reaches the climax!

“Thank you for joining us today.”

The stylist Mr. Sato will be in charge of you today.

Mr. Sato who is charming is nicknamed “Satomiki” and he seems to be loved by many customers.

“Because it’s spring soon, please make a woman who does not miss a nice encounter!”




“Er, have you had such a encounter !?”

“I understand ~! It makes me really cheerful!”

In a peaceful atmosphere, romance talk bursts.

The shooting staff is also mixed with girls talk as the uncle’s representative.

“When I was young, hey, I used to go to the disco often …”

“Even I am young”


Ai-chan who gradually turns into “a woman who does not miss encounter” by Mr. Sato.

Our staff will also breathe carefully.

And finally!

Ai’s Imechen is completed! It is!




Ai-chan satisfied!

Ai-chan came home by skipping ♪

I wish Ai has a nice encounter ♪

<Capture Confidential Story>

The shooting staff who found all the hearts on Tempak Street the other day, after this shoot, went to MoCadeau hair-make, to Mr. Sato

“Please make it wild for spring.”

It goes without saying that he went to get his hair cut.

● Model

Ai (Megumi)


● Stylist

Sato Mirai (Miki)

Nickname: Satomi

4 years of stylist history

“Shops important for each customer, I want to be an important presence”

● MoCadeau hair-make

Kagoshima prefecture 892-0842 Kagoshima-shi, Higashi sengoku-cho 18-1 Kumagai Building 2F


Closed: Every Tuesday · First Monday

Reception hours: (weekdays) 10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) 10: 00 ~ 18: 00