Specific personal information basic policy

1 Name of business operator

YC Group Co., Ltd.

2 Declaration

YC Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will establish a basic policy on safe and appropriate management of personal information including personal information and personal number (hereinafter referred to as “specific personal information” We will strive to preserve specific personal information.

3 Compliance with related laws and regulations and guidelines

Regarding the handling of specific personal information, the Company has adopted the “Act on Use of Numbers to Identify Specific Persons in Administrative Procedures” (My Number Law) and “Guidelines on Proper Handling of Specified Personal Information (Operator’s Guide)” , And the “Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information” (Personal Information Protection Act) and the guidelines of ministries and agencies.

4 Disclosure to third parties

We will never disclose specific personal information obtained to third parties. However, except in the following cases.

A) When there is consent of the principal
B) In cases where it is necessary to disclose to financial institutions etc. for purchase and sale of goods and services for their payment settlement.
C) Disclosure in a state where individuals can not be identified (statistical information materials, etc.)
D) From the contents of inquiries, etc., when the Company determines that it is appropriate to respond from our affiliates or agents
E) Cases based on laws and ordinances.

5 Inquiry window on handling of personal information

For inquiries about our company’s handling of specific personal information, please contact us via the form below.